Winter fishing in the Bay of Islands

With the cooler waters now in the Bay of Islands the majority of the Snapper have moved out of the Bay. Therefore we need to go a bit further to get to where they are, but with EDGE being a fast, efficient, capable sea boat this is no problem. This year we have seen good numbers and nice sized fish caught up and down the coast.

EDGE  - Fast, efficient, comfortable sea boat
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With the winter months also comes the southwest winds. This can make steaming along the coast a bit lumpy especially when heading around the points, but once you can tuck into a sheltered bay you get flat calm water and amazing fishing to boot.

Small cubes of fresh bait cast into the white wash seems to be the most effective method at the moment, as well as softbaits when the conditions are right.

The big numbers of Kingfish have also moved out of the Bay. But there are some good fish still around so with a bit of patience you can still pick up the odd decent Kingfish. Fishing bigger live baits around good structure is working. When the weather allows, fishing the deeper reefs is productive.

Hapuka, one on the target species on a Private Deep Sea Charter

With September just around the corner it's the time of year to target Hapuka as they move in. As we have electric reels onboard getting these monsters up from the deep is easy with the push of a button. But if you prefer to do it manually mechanical/speed jigging with 400g-600g lumo jigs has been very effective and gives you a good work out!

Electric reels for hauling fish up from the deep with ease

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