With a commercial background, George's filleting skills are put to use. He makes it look easy!

Just mention deep sea fishing and captain Georges eyes light up. For years he has fished commercially around the Pacific and Antarctic waters. Deep sea fishing is where his passion lies. It’s what he knows and loves to do best.


The deep sea species can be caught any time of year but with September almost here it’s a particularly good time to target the Hapuka. Lately we have also been catching Bluenose and Bass with a bycatch of Gemfish which goes great in the smoker.


Finding a weather window can be challenging but when you get that window there are some stunning days. We can be on good grounds within an hour and a half and have survey limits that grant us passage to 30 miles if that’s where the fish are.

The Diawa electric reels make hauling in fish from the deep a breeze

Braided line with 80lb breaking strain is set up on the Diawa electric reels. As there is almost no stretch in braid this ensures you feel every bite. Also the thinner line means more capacity on the reel and less resistance in the current. We set a dropper rig up with 16/0circle hooks and can easily change to smaller flasher rigs if we get onto Tarakihi. A diamond light attached to the top of the rig along with luminescent tubing helps attract fish to the bait.


Hapuka, as well as many other of the deep sea dwellers, respond well to jigs. 400g is needed to get them down deep. The colour is not so important. We’ve found all colours work well so long as they have good glowing ability.

A good eating Gemfish is caught on a jig

EDGE has capability for two anglers to fish with electric reels off one side. The Pro Sportsman deck layout, with easy access walk-around engine hatch, means a third person can use a jigging rod off the stern without any obstructions on the transom or obstacles to step over on the deck.


The well laid out cabin caters to tired anglers who need time to recover from jigging in 200-300m of water. They can sit comfortably inside the cabin and watch the others while tucking into a packed lunch.

EDGE has a comfortable cabin equipped with onboard bathroom facilities and a galley

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