edge fishing Charter experience

Both Olivia and George have worked in the marine industry for years and understand how to host guests looking for an experience they'll remember forever.

You can do as much or as little as you want.  If some of you want to sit back and take in the outstanding scenery taking photo's all day long, that's cool with us.  We have designed our charters so if you have a packed itinerary, you can get the most of your time on the sea with us and still have time in the day to get out and enjoy everything else the Bay of Islands has to offer.

If you're new to the grand old sport of fishing, we'll bait your hook and teach you step by step how to capture that big one. Alternatively, if you have your lucky gear and want to be left to it - we'll take you where you want to go and the day is yours.  

Our mission is to go above and beyond for every guest to get onto the best fishing the day and season will allow.  Our custom built vessel, "Edge" is fitted with the most up to date fish finding technology and PENN fishing gear on the market. She is both fast and safe and has a renowned White Pointer hull to ensure the smoothest of journeys. Our Skipper, George, has fished though out the Pacific and is geared up to teach you everything he knows.  Guests can book a private charter and bring their own snorkelling/spearfishing gear and we can take you to the perfect spot to have a go at shooting a Snapper or Kingfish.

Our inshore trips target Snapper but you might hook up on Tarakihi, Trevally, John Dory, Pink Maomao or Gurnard just to name a few.  For those who crave the thrill of a fight,the Yellowtail Kingfish is one of the hardest scrapping fish around. When you go into battle with one you will be in for some full-on action. Outside the Bay the deeper water offer the opportunity to land Hapuka (Grouper), Bass, Bluenose, Gemfish and other ocean-dwelling species

The bird and sea life is abundant within the Bay. Gannets, Gulls, Petrels and Shear waters and molymawks can be spotted wheeling overhead or diving into the sea. Watch for the resident Dolphins, Fur Seals and Penguins and keep an eye out for Whales that call in to the Bay from time to time.

Our custom built vessel, "Edge" is fitted with the most up to date fish finding technology and PENN fishing gear on the market.

Optional Extras

Airport Transfer

If you need transport from Bay of Islands Airport in Kerikeri, we can arrange that, so you're not complicated by the minor details.


All of the fish are filleted and bagged for guests to take away. We have ice packs Insulated cooler bags and poly bins available to purchase so you take your catch home to cook.  Otherwise, we can let you in on the best restaurants in town that will prepare and serve your fish to your specifications accompanied by the freshest local produce and refreshments from the region.  What else could you ask for after a perfect day on the water?

We keep you catch in top condition on ice throughout the day.

About Edge Charters

Learn more about our flagship vessel the 970 Pro Sportsman White Pointer, our captain and crew and gear and equipment on board.